1991 Porsche 944 S2 Cabriolet



Porsche introduced the 944 back in 1982 and regularly kept on top of its development. By 1989, when the final S2 version was launched, the 944 had grown into a fully-fledged sports car, thanks to its wonderfully sculpted, aggressively flared arches and inclusion of a lusty new 16V 3-litre power plant, mated to a 5 speed rear mounted transaxle gearbox, for even weight distribution and excellent handling.

Whilst over 14,000 S2 coupes were produced worldwide, production of the S2 Cabriolet was just over 5,500 during its 1990/91 production run, with only 1702 produced worldwide in 1991.  There are now less than 200 still currently on the UK’s roads, according to the “How Many Left” website.

This stunning example in Baltic Blue with a full leather “Linen” interior, is in fantastic original condition and has covered just over 34,000 miles, since being supplied new from Lancaster Porsche in Colchester, on the 26th of March 1991.

The car comes with a comprehensive documented service and maintenance history, including numerous invoices and a service book with 16 stamps to date, all but one, from Porsche main dealers or Porsche specialists.  In addition, the car comes with an impressive MOT certificate history, dating all the way back to 1995.

As part of the car’s pre-sale preparation, the all-important cam belt, balance shaft belt, auxiliary belts and water pump service was carried out.

The 944 S2 was renowned for its torquey engine, rapid mid-range acceleration and sublime handling – the Cabriolet offered all this, but in an even better-looking package. Today, its scarcity in the market only adds to its allure and they’re now becoming highly coveted. To find one in such incredible original condition, with a great history and such low mileage, is a very rare find indeed and an ideal example for collector or enthusiast alike.

Recorded Mileage:
Fuel type:
Petrol (unleaded)
Engine capacity:
2990 cc
Exterior colour:
Baltic Blue
Engine output:
211 Bhp @ 5,800 rpm 207 Ft lbs @ 4,100 rpm
Interior colour/trim:
5 speed manual
Date of registration:
MOT expiry:
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The 944 S2 had the same rounded nose and a rear valance found on the 944 Turbo and with its aggressively styled boxy wheel arches and pop-up headlights, certainly makes for a purposeful presence and very much reminiscent of 1990s sports car design.  As a cabriolet, the silhouette is somewhat softened, but still remains beautifully balanced.

The Baltic Blue paintwork really suits the car and is wonderfully off set by the “Linen” interior. Still in its original paint, the bodywork is in superb condition with just the odd stone chip and minimal signs of a touch-up pen here and there (all to be expected on a car of it age, in original condition).  Panel gaps are factory and the car is nice and straight down both sides.

The car retains its clear plastic film stone chip guards - narrow strips around the rear of each wheel arch and also more substantial panels ahead of the rear arches. The lower sills are also retain their original stone chip paint coating.

The bodywork shows no signs of corrosion anywhere and there's zero history of any corrosion detailed on the DVLA’s MOT website.

The blue fabric roof is in good overall condition with a clear, non-discoloured rear screen. It raises and lowers electrically, as it should, operated by a rocker switch on the centre console.

The pop-up headlights work perfectly.

As part of the pre-sales preparation, the roof fabric was cleaned and re-waterproofed with Fabsil Gold. We do note one small tear in the roof fabric towards the rear of the roof, about 3 cms in length. There does not appear to be any evidence of water ingress on either the interior of the car, or the internal headlining of the roof, so we’d assume the roof retains its weather resistant integrity.

The car comes with its original tonneau cover that fits over the roof when down, tidying up the roof down look and also providing protection for the roof, in its down position.


Presented with Porsche’s “Linen” coloured interior, the car is fitted with the optional full leather sports front seats, featuring part electrical adjustments.  With deeper side bolsters than the standard seats, they are both comfortable and provide excellent lateral support.

Showing only the very slightest of wear and almost no discolouration, the seats bear evidence to this 944's meticulous care and low mileage. The rear seats look unused.

The dashboard is in excellent condition, with no marks.  There’s no cracking to the dash top, the only bit of slight patina to be found belonging to the leather gear lever knob and if being very picky, the leather bound steering wheel.

The carpets and door cards have resisted the rigours of age remarkably well and are all dry with no evidence of watermarks (again suggesting no leaks from the soft top).  Both front and rear footwell carpets are protected by over mats, which are also all in excellent condition. The headlining of the soft top is in very good shape, with no marks or damage spotted. The boot shows no evidence of heavy use and the carpet is in good condition with no dampness.

The car is fitted with electrically adjustable door mirrors, electric windows and front fog lights.  In addition, the option codes for the car identify that the car was also built with headlamp washers, automatic heating control, ABS, headlight levelling system, alarm and immobiliser.

The car is fitted with an after market JVC radio/cd player incorporating a 6 player CD unit located in the boot.

Finally, the car comes with a space saver tyre, original tool kit, jack and tyre lever.

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The 944 S2 was the ultimate naturally aspirated of all 944 models. With a redesigned engine block, the S2's engine capacity rose to 3.0 litres, making it the largest four-cylinder engine in production at the time.

Incorporating belt-driven balance-shaft technology, the large capacity 4 cylinder engine exhibits near six-cylinder levels of smoothness.

The 5 speed gearbox (further strengthened from the 944S), was also built as a transaxle.  This is a single unit that combines the transmission, axle and differential and is located at the rear of the car to provide for near 50/50 weight distribution, providing for excellent handling characteristics.

Output increased to 211 bhp and 207 lb-ft of torque, almost equivalent to early 944 Turbo models, but without the low end lag inherent to those cars.  For many, this made the S2 a more useable driver’s car than the Turbo model.

Having travelled just 34,000 miles from new, the engine starts on the first turn of the key and settles into an even idle. There no smoke on start-up and the car pulls strongly and cleanly across the rev range.  Gear changes from the manual box are tight and precise, with the clutch operating smoothly with no evidence of slipping.

The engine bay is remarkably clean with no evidence of fluid leaks or corrosion.

Charles Ivey Specialist Cars in Surbiton carried out the most recent service at 33,844 miles, in April this year.

Following the pre-sales inspection of the car, it is reported as being in great mechanical condition and has just benefitted from a cam belt, balance shaft belt, auxiliary belts and water pump service at 34,221 miles. This service is essential for these engines every 48,000 miles or 4 years, whichever comes soonest.

Finally, the suspension operates as it should, providing a firm, but not overly harsh ride.  Body roll is hardly noticeable, no doubt benefiting from the thicker anti-roll bars from the 944 Turbo, fitted to all S2 models.  The car generates plenty of grip and the near 50/50 weight distribution front and back, provides for impressively agile handling.


The car sits of the correct Design 90 16-inch cast alloy wheels, which are all in excellent condition.  The wheels are fitted with matching quality tyres on each axle, in the correct sizing pattern of 205/55/16 fronts and 225/50/16 rears.  All tyres are date stamped either 2018 or 2020 and all with significant tread left.

The S2 was fitted with the Porsche 944 Turbo’s 4 pot Brembo brakes front and back as standard.  This brake set up pulls the car up swiftly, with no veering either left or right.

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As can be seen from the photos, the underside is in fantastic condition. The original factory underseal is all intact and there is still evidence of the Porsche engine wax to the underside of the engine and factory wax oil, on the rear suspension arms.

Remarkably, there are no signs of any corrosion underneath the car and no evidence that the car has ever been welded.  Even though the body was galvanised, seeing a 944 in such good condition underneath is very rare and again testament as to how well this car has been looked after over the years.

To further preserve the excellent condition of the car’s underside, as part of the pre-sales preparation, the underside was subject to extensive corrosion preventative treatment, using a combination of Dinitrol and Lanoguard anti corrosion and clear wax products. These have been applied not just to the floor pans, sills and wheel arches, but to all fixtures and components at risk of corrosion, to ensure a high level of anti-corrosion protection going forwards.



In addition to the current V5C, the car comes with a comprehensive documented history file, with numerous invoices for service and maintenance throughout its life (including the most recent cam belt, balance shaft belt, auxiliary belts and water pump service).  In addition, the service book has 16 stamps, the majority from either Porsche main dealers of Porsche specialists.

According to its service book, services have been carried out at the following mileages: 2,900 – 10,668 – 20,534 – 21,616 – 23,117 – 24,101 – 25,492 – 26,699 – 27,577 – 27,886 – 29,186 – 30,575 – 32,843 – 33,191 – 33,672 and most recently at 33,844 miles.

Adding to the provenance of the car, there is a collection of MOT certificates covering almost every year from 1995 to the current MOT issued in April 2023.  In addition, there is a “membership pack” to the Porsche Club of Great Britain, which contains a National News Letter and Advertiser booklet, dated August 1992.

Finally, the car comes with 3 sets of keys, two of which include the Porsche immobiliser fobs.

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